Coin Cashing

May 31st, 2018

Simply bring your coins to one of our Calgary, Alberta locations and let us do the rest. Instantly get cash for your loose coins saving you time and making you money. Our machines sort your coins, count your coins and give your either cash or store credit for your coins. There is no better way to cash your coins than with Cash Your Coin. Start cashing your coin now!


Cash Your Coin - Coin Counting Machine

Cash Your Coin – Coin Counting Machine

Pour your coins into the machine and watch while it quickly sorts and counts the coins. When the machine finishes counting, it will issue you a voucher that you can redeem for cash instantly. Cash Your Coin machines can accept thousands of dollars of coins at one time, but are also quite happy counting pocket change.

We thank you for your interest and will take great pride in servicing your needs.
If you’re in Calgary South-West, you can visit our CALGARY SOUTH-WEST COIN COUNTING MACHINE at Canadian Tire Westhills 5200 Richmond Road SW Calgary Alberta.

Check out a video of our Coin Counting Machine in action and a picture of what our machines look like!

Cash Your Coin is Calgary, Alberta’s best way to get cash for your coins.

Our machines are a coin sorter, coin counter and coin casher all in one. Why spend time coin rolling at home, when you can leave the coin sorting and counting to us. Take your loose change to one of our coin sorting locations; dump your coins into one of our machines and leave the sorting and counting to us. Whether you’ve got a jar of coins just collecting dust or empty water jugs full of your pocket change from the last twenty years, Cash Your Coin Calgary is your best option to get cash for your coins quickly and easily. Bring in your coins, dump them into our coin counting machines, and wait briefly while we sort and count your coins. Our machines quickly and accurately count and sort your coins, then give you a receipt that you can redeem for either cash or store credit.

Most households have a collection of loose change that is an untapped financial resource.

Using traditional methods of coin sorting and coin counting is labour intensive and time consuming. By the time you’re done counting and rolling your coins, you’ve lost time spent with your family or being otherwise productive. By sorting, counting and rolling your coins at home, the value of your coins has been diminished by allocating so much time and energy to the process. As well, you’ve got to deal with the Bank, which can be time consuming.

Bring your bulk coins to any Cash Your Coin location and take advantage of our industry leading coin sorting and counting machines.

Whether you want to get cash for your coins, or store credit at the store housing our machine, Cash Your Coin in Calgary, Alberta is your most profitable and efficient solution for turning your loose coins into cash.

Cash Your Coin is an alternative to finding a Calgary pawn shop location.

While using Calgary pawn shops is a way to get fast money, why look to pawning cherished items when you can take your loose, unsorted coins to a Cash Your Coin location and instantly get cash. Calgary pawn shops don’t accept your buckets of coins, but our machines do. If you’re using a pawn shop in Calgary to get money to buy those new snow tires, food processor or lawnmower, after the pawn shop go cash your coins at one of our Canadian Tire locations. You can redeem your cash voucher for store credit at Canadian Tire as well! So after heading to one of many Calgary pawn shop locations, bring your loose change to a Cash Your Coin location and liberate your FOUND MONEY!

Since our site is about money, we’ve received emails asking about bad check collection. Check out for bad check collection

Our goal is to expand to different areas of the city so that we can offer convenient locations to as many Calgarians as possible. If you’ve got an idea for a Cash Your Coin coin counting machine location, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas and take every opportunity to engage with Calgarians. We look forward to launching more Cash Your Coin locations around Calgary in the near future, making our service more accessible to more Calgarians. 🙂

We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to servicing your needs at more locations very soon!


The Cash Your Coin Team

*NOTE* The coin sorting services offered by our coin counting machines in Calgary are not affiliated with Coinstar (aka Coin Star) however the services offered are similar to Coinstar (Coin Star). As well, we are not affiliated with Safeway Calgary, but we appreciate the inquiries about the Safeway coin machine and their products. With any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cash Your Coin here.

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